Fix Your Marketing

It’s time to focus on “cash in”, instead of “cash out”.

Any fool can cut costs.  Preventing cash from leaving your business by slashing budgets and cutting expenditure is popular amongst bankers and accountants for as long as there is still cash to cut.

One day there will be nothing more to cut.  It’s just not sustainable.  One day, you will need to think about how you’re going to get cash in to your business.

Why not start today?  Get closer to your customers.  Sell them more.  Keep them for longer.  It’s time to think about attracting cash to your business.  It’s time to fix your marketing.

Did you know that data protection and privacy regulations actually encourage you to get closer to your customers?

It’s true.  Savvy marketers know this and they’re using those regulations to get closer to their customers than their competitors can dream of.  They’re working on getting cash in.