Risk Assessment

There is a specific type of risk assessment referred to in the GDPR or Data Protection Act.  It is the Data Protection Risk Assessment or DPIA for short.

There are certain points at which it is appropriate for you to complete, maintain and revisit a DPIA.  Some of your data processing won’t need a DPIA, other parts will.  It all depends on what you’re actually doing.

I realise, of course, that such an evasive answer might not be much use to you.  Yet you should understand this, you need to create and maintain DPIAs.  They will help you to look after your own interests and demonstrate your accountability for upholding the rights of others.

If you aren’t maintaining DPIAs today, what are you doing to identify and mitigate risks involved in your processing of personal data?

Talk to us about outsourcing your DPIA management.

Of course, the DPIA is just one kind of risk assessment.  There are others which migt be of use to you.