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If It’s A Word, It’s Not A Password

It’s true you know.  If your password is a word, it’s not a password.  You might be using it as your password of course.  But then so can anyone else.

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Who is responsible for your own personal data?

Who Has Primary Responsibility For Your Personal Data?

Nowadays anyone processing your personal data is obliged to uphold your rights.  Yet who is actually responsible for protecting your privacy in the first place?  That’ll be you.

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Passports Are Personal Data Too

Poor old Arne Sorenson, CEO of Marriott, takes the stand in front of US Senators to explain what went wrong. The issue of collecting and storing passport data is raised.

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Privacy Compliance Tools – Doesn’t Mean You Comply With Anything

Just because you bought some online compliance tools, it doesn’t mean you actually comply with anything.  So it says in an article published on The Register website this week.

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Data Privacy On Trains – Part Two

When you are on a train, your voice can carry further than you think.  Time to be discreet and save your business conversation for later…

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silver surfers know about privacy

Data Privacy On Trains – Part One

Last week I took the train to London.  You might think the conversations aboard would be all about Brexit.  Not a bit of it.  What I heard was all about data privacy…

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just one victim

Just One Victim

As 2018 ended with stories of millions upon millions of victims of just one data breach, so 2019 starts with a story of a data breach involving just one victim.  Get used to this.  This is reality. ...

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Are You A Privacy Ninja Or Nincompoop?

An interesting article on the BBC website talks about Fortnite hackers “earning thousands of pounds per week”.

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How Long Do You Plan To Keep Your First Name?

I challenge you to a wager.  The press release announcing the next large corporate data breach will contain the line…

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Tension and Data Privacy

Today I want to introduce you to the concept of “tension” when it comes to the privacy and protection of your personal data.

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