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a data breach victim

A Data Breach With Serious Consequences

When I explain to business owners that the primary source of data breaches is their staff, they look at me as though they don’t believe me.  You need to believe this…

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deeper in data

Another Year Older And Deeper In Data

In the UK, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have been with us for 12 months. For smaller businesses, what are the lessons from the past year which could point

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I can't tell you that

I Can’t Tell You That Cos Of GDPR

This week started with one of the more banal conversations I’ve had this month.  As an accountant tried to tell me GDPR stops him from telling me anything.

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Nightmare Scenario

Data Breach Report – The Nightmare Scenario

With only 72 hours available to you when you receive a data breach report, there is a Nightmare Scenario which could happen to you.  It’s called a Bank Holiday weekend.

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mapping data processing

Lawful Reasons For Processing – Are You Using Them Properly?

As data processes flow through your organisation, so the purpose of processing and the accompanying lawful reason for processing can change.  Does your data privacy programme recognise this?

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Look After Personal Data As Though It Is Cash

Some business owners are a bit laid-back when it comes to looking after the personal data sloshing around their operations.  Would they be quite so lukewarm if they were dealing with cash?

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If It’s A Word, It’s Not A Password

It’s true you know.  If your password is a word, it’s not a password.  You might be using it as your password of course.  But then so can anyone else.

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So Cute Their Personal Data Was Sold To 39 Other Organisations

The pregnancy club Bounty UK has been fined £400,000 by the UK ICO for sharing the personal data of 14 million people.

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Passports Are Personal Data Too

Poor old Arne Sorenson, CEO of Marriott, takes the stand in front of US Senators to explain what went wrong. The issue of collecting and storing passport data is raised.

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Privacy Compliance Tools – Doesn’t Mean You Comply With Anything

Just because you bought some online compliance tools, it doesn’t mean you actually comply with anything.  So it says in an article published on The Register website this week.

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