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Can’t Be Bothered? Just Blame GDPR

Perhaps this story is symptomatic of the real problems with GDPR? It has nothing to do with the regulation and everything to do with the perception of it.

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A Proper Privacy Centre – Good Example

It is good to recognise what a usable Privacy Centre looks like.  So I’m drawing your attention to one good example right here.

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What They Didn’t Tell You About GDPR Seminars – What You Get

  For free tickets to the Inverness or Dingwall seminars, take this short quiz Highlands Seminars Free Tickets Quiz

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Data Breaches Hit The News

Data breaches are now newsworthy This is a high profile example – Dixons Carphone Warehouse is a very large business. In the data economy, data breaches are going to be a fact of life.  How you

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Is Your Business Ready For GDPR? Test Yourself.

Is Your Business ready For GDPR? One of the curious things about GDPR and data privacy is you only know if you’re ready when you’re tested. Some people find this frustrating. You can think

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Making A Pig’s Ear Of It

Template Privacy Policies – Dangerous In Untrained Hands The lengths to which some business owners will go in order to avoid doing something properly – never ceases to amaze me. Today’s

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I Wasn’t Informed

How To Make Your Next Email Campaign A Spectacular Disaster As a Data Controller, one of your responsibilities is to make sure people are informed about what you intend to do with their personal data. It

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Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

The Perils Of Shoddy Data Privacy Implementation I have to be honest.  I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. So I think I’ll settle for a wry smile.  And I’ll share the reason with

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The GDPR – What Was All The Fuss About?

You may well ask. Lots of talk about fines. Even more talk about refreshing consent for email marketing.

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