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Are You A Privacy Ninja Or Nincompoop?

An interesting article on the BBC website talks about Fortnite hackers “earning thousands of pounds per week”.

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How Long Do You Plan To Keep Your First Name?

I challenge you to a wager.  The press release announcing the next large corporate data breach will contain the line…

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Tension and Data Privacy

Today I want to introduce you to the concept of “tension” when it comes to the privacy and protection of your personal data.

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Small Business Owners Still “Clueless” About GDPR

An online news article reveals the results of a recent survey of small business owners which reveals…

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Musing On The Marriott Data Breach

500,000,000 personal data records is a lot but you shouldn’t be distracted by the big numbers.

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Now It’s All About You Too

One day last week it dawned on me. I have been ignoring you.  Which is a shame, because it’s really all about you.

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Major Hotel Guest Personal Data Breach

Our friends over at GDPR for Hotels have something interesting to get their teeth into today.  To read about it, click the link. 500,000 Hotel Guest Records Involved In Data Breach

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No Guarantee Of An Adequacy Agreement

There is no guarantee of an adequacy agreement post-brexit.  Putting 70% of UK services exports in jeopardy.

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VisionDirect Breach – And Still they Couldn’t Prevent It

They knew about the vulnerability.  They took action.  And still they couldn’t prevent it.  16,000 sets of credit card details exposed.

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Draft EU Withdrawal Agreement Comment

The draft Withdrawal Agreement for the UK to leave the EU is the subject of a great deal of press coverage.  Here’s a comment about the implications for personal data flowing through your busin...

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