The On Data Privacy Approach

There are two things which really matter:

  1. Our privacy and safety as individuals.  Or what some privacy laws refer to as our, “rights and freedoms”.
  2. The ability of your business or organisation to operate whilst upholding those rights and freedoms.  In other words, your ability to take advantage of the modern data economy.  Giving yourself a licence to operate with personal data which belongs to other people.

Regulations such as the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 in the UK are there to protect us as individuals.  That is their purpose.

They are also there to provide our businesses and organisations with guidance regarding what is meant by “upholding the rights and freedoms of individuals”.

However beyond the notion of mere “compliance” with data privacy and protection legislation lies the promise of what your organisation can achieve when you are transparent about your privacy management and people really trust you.

With transparency and trust, you can start to attract more customers, keep the for longer and enjoy their loyalty.  The same goes for attracting and keeping employees with the skills your business needs.

So put all the negative thoughts of fines and the “compliance chore” to one side.

Give your organisation, and yourself, a chance by adopting the right approach for your personal data management responsibilities.

Which means a clear understanding of why you need to do this – and how to do it in support of your business objectives.

That’s the On Data Privacy approach.