It’s All About You

Outsourcing is the art of getting what you want whilst getting rid of the headache of actually doing it yourself.

So what is it you want?

It’s Not Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind is a luxury none of us can afford.  Peace of mind makes you look in the wrong directions.  It makes you complacent.

You see, one day it’s going to go wrong.  It might go wrong in a selection of small, seemingly insignificant problems or it might smack you in the face with one large, high profile punch.

Protecting personal data relies on a combination of people and technology, so of course it’s going to go wrong.   Technology can fail and people can make mistakes.  You know this is true, you’ve read about it happening to the biggest and best.  When it happens to you, any peace of mind you had will be shattered until it all gets fixed.  And “peace of mind” will be next to no use in recovering a personal data breach.  So we’ll put peace of mind to one side for the moment.

And you’re certainly not looking for someone who will insist on quoting data protection regulations at you whilst they flash their credentials.  If that’s all you wanted you would have stopped your search having found one long before you ever arrived at these pages.

What Do You Really Want?

  • You want someone you can call.
  • You want someone to advise you.
  • You want someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • You want someone who will turn up on your behalf.
  • You want data privacy and protection integrated into your organisation.
  • You want something which will tap into the value of the personal data you process, to the benefit of both you and your customers.
  • You want all this to be sustainable.
  • You want someone to take on all the detail and the confusion and turn it into something you can understand.  Which lets you take the decisions.  Which puts you in control.

Control means you make sure your organisation does the right things.  Such as attracting customers while upholding their rights to privacy throughout their relationship with you.  Which means they will trust you enough to buy again – and keep coming back.  Or to come and put their skills to work for you – and stay.

What Matters To You

If that sounds trite, how else do you plan to attract customers and keep them coming back for more?  If you want this sort of relationship with your customers, you need their personal data.  Yet not just their personal data, you also need their permission to use it.  Their personal data is only of value to you if they trust you.  And if you can’t prove you’re on top of the privacy and protection of their personal data, they won’t trust you.

Of course, they’ll probably still trust you enough to buy your latest kamikaze discount offer.  You know what these are, your competitors use them all the time:  “Buy one get one free”; “50% off”; the sort of offers which get people to buy from you once, only for them to leave you for someone else’s cut price offer.

Yet they won’t trust you enough to buy regularly at the prices you really need to make a decent profit.

What’s the point of personal data if you can’t borrow some and add value to it?  Value to your customer, which translates into profit for you.

Which is just one of the outcomes you should expect from your managemet of personal data.  It goes much further than simply complying with something.

It takes a bit of effort.  If you’re running a business, you don’t have the time to keep up with this stuff.   If you want these results, outsource it – get someone else to do it and get rid of that headache.

You can start today.