Due Diligence

Are you thinking about buying a hotel?

Don’t buy trouble.  Don’t risk buying a data protection incident waiting to happen.

Instead, invest in data protection and privacy due diligence services from hotel DPO.  It gets that awkward question off your to-do list and lets you focus on other aspects of your purchase.

Know What You’re Getting Into

The first thing you will want to do when you take over a hotel is, after a small celebration, getting straight down to business.  You want to enjoy the pleasures and challenges of ownership.  You want to make your mark on the business,  look after your new customers, get more bookings and generate new cash flows.

You don’t want your first act as proprietor to be contacting the Information Commissioner’s Office to tell them about a data breach you’ve just discovered; or hundreds of customers to tell them about a breach involving their personal data.  One caused by a lack of knowledge on the part of the people you bought the hotel from, which exposed those customers to a risk of financial loss.  Or perhaps your first act could be responding to a whole pile of data subject access requests the previous owners simply ignored.  Buying an ongoing data breach will soon take the gloss off your first day of ownership.

Because whatever they did, or failed to do with other people’s personal data – it’s now your problem.

Yet it doesn’t need to be this way.

Lets You Pick Up The Pace, Not The Pieces

Get hotel DPO due diligence services in there before you sign on the dotted line.  We know where the data privacy skeletons are likely to be.  We know how to look for them.

Let us inspect and assess.  If there is personal data buried deep inside computer systems, we’ll find it.  We can also make sure the correct policies and procedures have been used to preserve the value of the personal data used by the business.  Things like the proper, valid consent for direct marketing and plausible, relevant lawful reasons of processing.  Without which any valuation of ongoing goodwill, for example, might be overestimated.  You could use our findings to negotiate a suitable discount off the purchase price.

Which means on the day you take over, you’re left to get on with picking up the pace of you’re newly-acquired business.  Not picking up the pieces or someone else’s incompetence.

Why Due Diligence for Personal Data?

The risk of penalties, loss of business confidence and customer faith from an incident involving personal data is now significant.  Just ask Marriott.  Their purchase of Starwood ended up costing them a fortune in lost reputation alone.  All because the Starwood systems processing personal data weren’t checked properly before the purchase was signed off.

It’s no good just looking, you’ve got to search for this stuff.  You’ve got to know how to recognise data privacy issues before they become problems.

Fortunately, you now know someone who can help you with that.

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