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A low cost, monthly membership which gets you ready to

take advantage of the Modern Data Economy

With so many British businesses still unprepared to take advantage of the

Modern Data Economy it is clear something isn’t working.


If the sight of the letters “GDPR” makes your eyes roll, then read on:

It is time for a fresh approach.

  • Gets you ready for – and helps you to take advantage of – the opportunities offered by the Modern Data Economy.
  • From less than £2 a day
  • No long contract
  • No risk guarantee.  If you find you’re not using it or you don’t like it I’ll buy it back from you.


Announcing The New Key Membership Options From On Data Privacy

Now available for independently owned and run businesses from On Data Privacy.

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Client experience shows that a series of 21 steps is all that’s needed to prepare a business for effective data privacy.  Some are very small, simple steps to take. Others need a bit more time and commitment.

Together, they’ll get you ready for GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.   Which means you will be able to make the most of the opportunities offered by the Modern Data Economy.

You’ll get all 21 steps over the first 12 weeks of your Key Membership – and much more – to use at your own pace.


Ask Yourself The Key Questions

  • What is the reason why so many of us are deficient in our use of data privacy and find our marketing opportunities stunted as a result?
  • Why is it that some cannot put together a simple privacy policy and others cannot understand the data processing carried out by their own business?
  • Why are some businesses seemingly incapable of realising the opportunities offered by the Modern Data Economy?
  • What sapped their confidence?


Discover The Reasons

The reason for the deficiency is clear to Allan Simpson – the owner of On Data Privacy.  He discovered it as he worked with privately owned businesses, helping to prepare them for working with GDPR.

They had formed a habit of treating compliance with GDPR as a chore.

It was easy to fall into such a negative habit.  Legal and IT advice painted a gloomy picture.  There was a tendency to induce fear amongst us.  And if they didn’t achieve that, they simply bored us instead.  The focus was on the wrong things.  This encouraged some more bad habits.

Which led to the perceived risks of “getting caught” and “being fined” ultimately being viewed as so remote as to be irrelevant.

From irrelevance, denial was born.  Where business owners and managers did make an effort it was the minimum possible.  This was not their fault. The choices presented were only “minimum effort”, “wait and see” or “hugely expensive effort”.  They can’t be blamed for choosing the former options.

The fact that some of the legal and IT advice focused on the wrong results is regrettable.

Those options are no longer safe.

It is time for a change.


What You Can Do About It

Think “money in”, not “money out”.

You can treat your GDPR readiness and compliance efforts as a Revenue centre instead of a Cost centre.  It makes all the difference.

Here is an event which brings the most important change to our relationships with our customers and employees in decades.  Yet our legal and IT advisers have made it a subject to be avoided.  The hardest of tasks instead of an opportunity to be exploited.  For months now it has been a disgrace.  It is time to be positive.  Time for a new approach.

Small Changes, Big Effects

It is time for your GDPR and data privacy efforts to be Marketing led.  To focus on how to take advantage of what is the most significant change in consumer power for decades and put it to work for your business.

Up until today, if you viewed GDPR as a chore and an expense it was never going to get done properly.

It was never going to be able to make a contribution to your bottom line.

Today, you can start to get into the habit of using the principles of GDPR to build trust and confidence.  Which means your marketing finds more customers, keeps them for longer and sells them more.

Isn’t that what you want?


  • From less than £2 a day.
  • No long contract.
  • No risk guarantee.  If you find you’re not using it or you don’t like it I’ll buy it back from you.

Good Habits For Good Results

The basic principle of Key Membership is habit forming.  Small changes, made regularly, to turn into something of value to your business.

With training, encouragement, documentation, support and know-how initially delivered weekly.  Your business first discovers how to walk with data privacy. Then to embrace it as part of your everyday operation.  Each month of membership brings new insight and builds confidence.

To help develop the data privacy habit, as a member you get to choose.  You can choose when and how to deploy the skills in your business. Your business doesn’t need to come to a halt to deal with GDPR.  It just needs to get into the habit.  And you can get into these good habits at your own pace.

Membership delivers insight about GDPR and data privacy.  You combine it with your business knowledge and processes as you see fit.

Avoiding These Bad Habits

  • The habit of ignoring issues
  • The habit of short cuts
  • The habit of abdicating responsibility
  • The habit of blame


Encouraging These Good Data Privacy Habits To Build Your Business

  • The habit of building trust protects relationships
  • The habit of record keeping keeps you safer
  • The habit of planning makes best use of your resources of time and money
  • The habit of focus makes complicated things easier to tackle
  • The habit of sharing makes obligations sustainable
  • The habit of training builds confidence
  • The habit of valuing contributions makes them more frequent
  • The habit of transparency builds trust

Habits that help you to put your customers at the heart of what you do – and prove it.


Ready To Choose Your Key Membership?

What Is On Data Privacy?

On Data Privacy is a Membership system designed to help privately owned businesses develop their own confidence with privacy and protection of the personal data they process.

It works on the concept that “compliance” with GDPR, if there is such a thing, is not an end state.  Instead it is an ongoing attitude and behaviour that needs to run throughout the business every day.  Which means doing more than simply paying lip service to data protection regulations.  If you are going to make the most of the opportunities available – and there is money to be made with this – you need to have the right approach.

Why A Membership?

Because GDPR is only the start.  Other data protection and privacy regulations are on their way.  Even if these new regulations weren’t coming, there is still so much unknown, so many uncertainties around GDPR that it can be difficult to know how best to cope with it.

Which is why a membership is important.  Membership keeps you up to date.  Membership provides information and insight.  Membership allows you to translate the fine words of a regulation into practical activity for your business.

As you noted at the very start of this page.  On Data Privacy membership is about much more than a simple explanation of the law.  It is about keeping your organisation on the path to sustainable growth.  Which means rigour and control of your operational and marketing efforts.

Membership helps you to stay relevant and sharp.  It protects your investment of time and money in preparing your business for GDPR.  Or if you haven’t made that effort yet, membership of On Data Privacy will help you get there.

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